Foxy And Mangle Fanfiction

Foxy And Mangle Fanfiction

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Mangle s gender theory mangle and funtime foxy s gender, remember just a theory now before i start i would like to address that both the bowtie and cheek stories will be challenged in this theory but only because funtime foxy sl version challenges them first i would like to say that i do believe that mangle originally was a pirate. The mangle 10 facts about fnaf and fnaf2 characters, mangle was originally supposed to be the toy version of foxy just like toy freddy is to freddy but since the phone guy explained to you that the children kept taking mangle apart mangle became a take a part-put back together attraction. Five night s at freddi s chapter 42 dancing - fanfiction, tony was walking down the halls of the pizzeria wondering who he should talk to next he held up his hand and began counting on his fingers the bonnies the chicas bg foxy mangle that leaves maria and the freddis.

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